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מחבר: Pete Fenlon, Coleman Charlton, Jessica Ney, John Crowdis, Keith Robley, Anders Blixt
שנת הדפסה: 1990
עמודים: 143

For thousands of years, the Men of the West stood guard over the Black Land, ever vigilant to prevent the return of Sauron's might. The Great Plague has broken that watch, and evil stirs east of the Mountains of Shadow. Torchlight glares from arrow slits of once-abandoned citadels, and smoke unfurls from Orodruin's long quiet summit. Foul beasts move by night through cracks in the broken surface of Gorgoroth's volcanic plateau.

GORGOROTH includes:
• 11" x 17" FULL-COLOR MAP depicting the plateau of Gorgoroth.
• 2 FULL-COLOR CITY MAPS (on the reverse of the terrain map) showing Ostigurth, the City of Death, where new recruits to the Dark Lord's forces are indoctrinated , and Bar Lithyrn, a Gondorian mining town on the northern slopes of the Ash Mountains.
• 4 CHILLING ADVENTURES on the foothills of the Ash Mountains that provide the daring with an unexpected introduction to Mordor.
• DETAILED LAYOUTS of Mount Doom, Carach Angren, and other significant fortresses under the Lidless Eye.
• IN-DEPTH INFORMATION on the military hierarchy of Mordor and its prominent leaders.
• STATS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION for all Nine Ringwraiths, as well as the heinous Lords of Mordor who implement the schemes devised by the Ulairi.

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HERO System Rulesbook
HERO System Rulesbook
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1 x Hazards of the Harad Wood
1 x The Necromancer's Lieutenant
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