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Top Ballista


מחבר: Carl Sargent
שנת הדפסה: 1989
עמודים: 64

 Blue Fox, scramble...Red Dragon at 5 o'clock!

The Realms of the Sky belong to Serraine, the incredible Flying City of the gnomes. They know no borders, and fear no monsters. From the far reaches of Alphatia to the mysterious lands of Arypt, their neverending quest is for the magical fuel...that will keep them flying!
Top Ballista describes the City of Serraine and its facetious inhabitants. You will learn to play gnomes, gremlins, pegataurs, nagpas, and other fantastic creatures as Player Characters. Join the famous Top Ballista flying squadron, and become an ace and a hero.
Top Ballista is the second in the Creature Crucible series that completes the Gazetteer series. It is also fully adaptable to the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 2nd Edition game.

Top Ballista includes:

A complete description of Serraine, its people, and a large color map of the city;
Seperate background and adventure booklets;
Complete rules on how to create and play skygnomes, gremlins, harpies, and others;
New rules on air combat, spellcasting, and magical items.

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סכום ביניים: ₪495.00
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